Rehabilitation Processes

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Rehabilitation Processes

Rehabilitation Information Meeting (RIM): This meeting will take place prior to your relative being transferred from the acute ward to a rehabilitation ward. Up to two family members may attend the meeting. This meeting provides an opportunity for the team to outline the rehabilitation process and will give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Needs Assessment Checklist (NAC): Once your relative is able to get out of bed and attend the Physiotherapy and

Occupational Therapy Departments, a member of staff (usually your relative’s key worker) will discuss their current and future needs by going through a detailed checklist.  A summary and graph will then be created and distributed to your relative and the team of healthcare professionals looking after them.

A second Needs Assessment Checklist will be administered once your relative has moved to St Joseph’s pre-discharge Ward.  This will highlight their achievements and identify any outstanding areas of need that still require attention in the run-up to their discharge.

Goal Planning Meetings: These meetings will take place usually every 2-3 weeks with your relative and their treating team. Goals will be set, based on the results of the NAC. One relative may attend these meetings at the patient’s request.

Discharge Planning Meeting: If your relative needs the support of a carer after discharge, they will require a care package and will have a Discharge Planning Meeting during the later stage of their rehabilitation. The meeting may involve representatives from the Primary Care Trust, a social worker, district nurse, community occupational therapist and occasionally other outside agencies as well as members of your relatives treating team.