Trust Policies

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Trust Policies

The following is strictly forbidden by the Trust

Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol is not allowed anywhere on Trust premises.  This includes all areas within the hospital, courtyards, footpaths or car parks.

Smoking: The Trust is a smoke-free site and smoking is forbidden everywhere on site.  Please note that this also applies to cars parked in the hospital grounds.

Violence: Violence against staff working in the NHS is a crime and will be reported to the police.  Staff working in the NHS are carers for others and therefore do not come to work to be the victims of violence or abusive behaviour.  Any form of aggression, violence, threatening behaviour, verbal or racial abuse are not tolerated.

Illegal Substances: Possession or consumption of unauthorised/illegal substances is strictly forbidden. Such possession is against the Law and the Police will be notified of any person found to be in possession. Any unauthorised/illegal substance found in the Centre will be confiscated and handed to the Police for disposal and the individual will be asked to leave the Centre.

We thank you for abiding by these rules. Further community guidelines and regulations can be found within the Patient Information folder given to each patient.