Family Matters


Image from The Big Draw 2009
Image from The Big Draw 2009

This section is for all relatives who are adjusting to life after a member of their family has sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI).

By relatives we mean all those who have a close personal relationship with the newly-injured person.

We recognise the emotional impact of SCI on the family and hope to give some insight into the daily challenges that may have to be faced by the family in the early days and after an injured person returns home.

None of us can predict how we will cope in a crisis, and when someone has a major trauma, like SCI, their partner, parents or children may be as emotionally affected as the person who has sustained the injury.

Given time, and with support and encouragement from hospital staff, family and friends, life will once again become fulfilling and rewarding for you and your injured relative.

The person with the SCI may return to work, start a new career or find a hobby that interests and satisfies them. Equally, if they eventually spend more time at home, you may find a deeper relationship develops between you. This will help to draw the whole family together and enable you all to focus on a more positive and hopeful future together.