Youngsters with SCI

Adjusting to home life

Youngsters with SCI

SIA has produced a practical and informative book (in their reference library in Milton Keynes) called “Wheelie Power” aimed at young people growing up with SCI and a book called “Wha’ever” which has been written for teenagers in a lively and positive style and can be ordered through the SIA online shop.

You may find other interesting and helpful items there.

Life for your child with SCI will be quite different and possibly unsettling when they return home because things are no longer the same. Children respond to their injury according to their developmental stage at the time, and this response will continue to change as your child grows.

The dynamics of your family are also likely to alter when the child with SCI returns home. There will inevitably be different routines and one parent may be involved in providing care. It will take time for you all to readjust, especially if there is a PA/carer involved in looking after your child.

A young child may need a new play environment, brothers and sisters may have to modify their own play behaviour in order to accommodate the disabled child, they may be resentful, quarrelsome and get angry. Don’t worry – remember that’s what siblings do!

Make sure you give time and positive attention to all your children, reassure them that you love them all equally and explain that their SCI sibling requires extra time and support at the moment.

Children are remarkably adaptable, resilient and good at problem solving.

They will find their way round most problems if you leave them to it. It is important that your disabled child regains as much independence as possible.