Emotional Impact of SCI


The emotional impact of SCI

Image from The Big Draw 2009
Image from The Big Draw 2009

Some people find an inner strength that carries them through the difficult period; others “manage” the crisis at the time and the true impact of what has happened is only experienced at a later date.

Other people are immediately overwhelmed with the challenges that they have to face, causing them considerable anxiety and stress.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and there are no right or wrong ways of reacting.

“The time after your family member has sustained a spinal cord injury can be very difficult and tiring, both mentally and physically. It is important to remember to keep some time for yourself, this could be just ten minutes watching a TV programme or reading a book but it helps to take your mind off things.”

“It’s also important to accept help if it is offered. This could simply be a neighbour offering to post a letter or a family member offering to visit with your relative while you have some time to yourself.”