In the classroom

Going back to school

In the classroom

going-back-to-school-3When going back to school there are many questions you may want to ask, for example:

Can you have a copy of textbooks for home and school? Are desks and tables the right height?

Don’t be afraid to ask?

going-back-to-school-10Here are some ideas to help you if you have limited hand movement:

  • Listen to the lesson and ask a friend or your teacher for their notes
  • Use a laptop computer with internet access and take a memory stick around with you
  • Use voice activated software like Dragon
  • Ask for help with someone writing down what you need to do for homework
  • Write only key words in lessons
  • Ask for extra support when you are doing exams
  • Be aware that you need to keep drinking throughout the day
  • Take an extra layer of clothing in case you get cold.