Your employment options

Future employment

Your employment options

It may be that you are the main bread winner for your family and your job has been compromised by the impact of your relative’s SCI on your working life.

Having to take long periods of time off work may become complicated, especially if your colleagues are carrying your workload or your employer is not sympathetic to your situation.

You may want to talk through different options with your employer and check your employment contract for details concerning time off and having compassionate leave.

Knowing that you have the support of your employer will lessen any feelings of stress that you have about your situation.

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Alternatively you may not be working, either because you have retired or because you have chosen to stay at home to bring up a young family.

If for financial reasons you have to return to work, you may feel resentful and also extremely anxious, especially if you have been out of the workplace for a long time. For some people it requires courage to go back into a working environment after a long time away, having to adjust to new technology, meeting different people and relearning forgotten skills.

Your children may also find it very difficult not having their mum or dad at home as before and will need help adjusting to a new routine which could include child care outside normal school hours.

As a way of supporting each other during this period, and if you have older children, it may help to talk together as a family about the forthcoming changes in routine.

This will enable everyone to express their views and could leave you feeling more united and having more of an insight into how each other feels. It might also help you to decide on what is your best course of action for the future, both in terms of employment and roles within your home.