Learning about SCI

Learning about SCI

It might feel a bit daunting at first, thinking about how you and your family are going to manage when your relative comes home. Firstly there are many things that an SCI person has to learn about in order to look after their body and gain independence. You may initially feel that you have to deal with all the different aspects of their care by yourself and that as their partner it is up to you to look after them. This is not the case and is mostly discouraged, unless it is specifically the choice of the partner and the person with the SCI.

The NSIC holds Friends and Relatives days three times a year, which the nursing or patient education staff can give you details of.

SIA has a useful selection of fact sheets covering different aspects of SCI, which can be downloaded from their website. There are also seventeen other booklets in the Moving Forward series covering a wide range of topics. Two books which may be especially helpful to read are Spinal Cord Injury – in the early days and Your Health and Well-being. These are aimed at the person with the injury but will also help you gain an understanding of SCI.

Image from The Big Draw 2009
Image from The Big Draw 2009

If you are still having difficulty finding out about a particular issue, SIA’s Advice Line can also answer any queries that you may have about SCI.

They can be contacted by telephone during weekdays between the hours of 9.30 am and 4.30pm:

Telephone: 0800 980 0501
Via the advice line enquiry form on www.spinal.co.uk
Text SIA and your enquiry to 81025
Email adviceline@spinal.co.uk

The more knowledge that you have, the less helpless you will feel.

The section on Understanding SCI will give you more information, and will be added to over time.