Eating well

Looking after yourself

Eating well

While you are in hospital, you will be asked to choose menu options for your meals. Sodexo (who provide the food at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke) have produced some information on the options available, and guidance on some of the key points around Patient Dining.

Eating healthily and regularly is an important part of managing your weight, general health and wellbeing. You can do a lot to help yourself, both while in hospital and when you leave. Developing good habits now will also help to reduce the risk of getting complications, or problems with bladder and bowel conditions.

Choosing your menu options

moment-to-montageTo take a look at what’s on the menu click HERE or on the image

  • Choose a main meal from the main course section, either a hot meal (lunch only) or a cold option, follow with a dessert
  • Separate menus for Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Kosher and Afro-Caribbean are available on request
  • If you have any other special dietary requirements please inform a member of clinical staff
  • Information on the allergen content of our food can be obtained from the allergen folder on the ward. Please speak to your host/hostess
  • If you have diabetes and are ‘carbohydrate aware’, please ask for information regarding the carbohydrate content of your meals

General information about the restaurant at the hospital

Moment-to-logo‘Moment to’ offers familiar choices of food and drink in a welcoming environment.
It is located on the ground floor food court by main entrance 1

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Opening Times:

  • Monday – Friday
    Breakfast 7.00am – 11.00am
    Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm
    Snacks 2.30pm – 4.30pm
    Dinner 5.00pm – 6.30pm
  • Saturday – Sunday
    Breakfast 8.00am – 11.00am
    Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm
    Restaurant closes at 8.00pm

Please note all opening times may be subject to change

Meal service on the ward

broccoli-and-tomatoThis section covers information about service times, extra help at mealtimes, protected mealtimes and our clean hands policy

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  • Service times
    Breakfast service will commence between 7:30am and 8:15am
    Lunch service will commence between 12:00am and 12:30pm
    Evening meal service will commence between 5:00pm and 6:00pmA selection of hot and cold beverages will be served throughout the day.
    Mid-morning and early afternoon tea/snacks are served by the ward host/hostess.
  • Need extra help at mealtimes?
    If at any time you need extra help, please let a member of the nursing staff know, for example:
    • assistance choosing a suitable meal for your dietary requirements
    • help cutting up your food
    • extra support or assistance with feeding
    All staff are committed to ensuring your stay is as comfortable and trouble-free as possible.
    If you would like to see the Patient Services Manager or speak to the Patient Dining Supervisor, please ask a member of ward staff who will be happy to make the arrangement for you.
  • Protected mealtimes – Every ward operates a protected mealtimes policy
    This is a period of time when meal services take priority over other routine activities. Our aim is to provide a quiet and calm environment and the time you need to enjoy your meals without interruption.Visitors are welcome at meal times to assist patients who need help with eating following agreement with the ward senior nurse.
  • Clean hands policy
    We encourage all patients to wash their hands before eating.
    Please ask a member of staff if you need any assistance.
    A hand wipe will also be provided on your meal tray.

Missed a meal? Ask for a snack box

If you have missed a meal and would like a snack box, please inform a member of the nursing staff.bananas

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You can choose from the following items:
• Orange juice
• A choice of sandwich on white or wholemeal bread *

Plus any one item from the list below:
• Yoghurt
• Cheese and biscuit
• Fresh fruit

* Sandwich options:

ham-salad-sandwichPink salmon & cucumber on wholemeal BC
Cheese & pickle on white EDV
Egg mayonnaise on white BCSV
Tuna mayonnaise on wholemeal BCS
Chicken stuffing with mayonnaise on white BC
Ham salad on wholemeal BC
Vegetarian sausage & pickle on whiteV
Egg salad on wholemeal BCV
Plain ham on white

Vending services

glass-of-orange24 hour vending services offer: drinks, savouries, crisps, cereal bars and treats as and when you need them
Accessible all day every day at various locations around the hospital
• Please ask a member of staff for the nearest location

Bringing food from home

Relatives and/or friends are discouraged from bringing in temperature-sensitive food to the hospital for patients to consume.
Temperature-sensitive food items need to be stored at or below 8° C and above 3° C.

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Where there are extenuating circumstances, for relatives and or friends to bring temperature-sensitive food to the hospital for patients, the food item must be:

a) marked with the patient’s name
b) date labelled (date when the meal was brought to the hospital)
c) content labelled, an indication of the meal content
d) stored within the ward patient food fridge

ALL Temperature-sensitive food brought in by relatives and/or friends must be discarded after a 24-hour period.
Patients, relatives and friends must note that hospital staff are not authorised to reheat patient meals brought in by patients, relatives or friends.

Feedback on the dining service

• If the dining service does not meet your expectations please do not hesitate to speak to your ward nurse.
• It is also helpful to learn which meals you enjoyed and to hear from you when you think we are doing well.
• During your stay we will ask if you would like to complete a short survey about your experience.
• Your feedback is important to us so that we continually review and improve the catering services for everyone.