Menu options

Eating well

Menu options

While you are in Stoke Mandeville hospital, you will be asked to choose menu options for your meals. Please use the menu and guidance below to help you make your selection.

Key to dietary coding

BC BALANCED CHOICE – Dishes that contain moderate amounts of fat, sugar and salt, making them suitable choices if you have been advised to follow a ‘healthier diet’, eg if you have diabetes, if you are trying to lose weight or for your heart health
ED ENERGY DENSE – Dishes that are particularly high in calories and are suitable choices if you have a small appetite or require food high in energy due to your illness, weight loss or surgery
NG NGCI (No gluten containing ingredients) – These dishes do not have any ingredients containing gluten
S SOFT – Dishes that are easier to chew
V VEGETARIAN – Dishes that are suitable for lacto–ovo vegetarians and are free from meat, poultry, fish and ingredients or products derived from these, eg gelatine and rennet
Special Diets

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  • CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS DIETARY CHOICES – Separate menus for Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Kosher and Afro-Caribbean are available on request
  • If you have any other special dietary requirements or food allergies, please inform a member of clinical staff
  • Information on the allergen content of our food can be obtained from the allergen folder on the ward. Please speak to your host/hostess
  • If you have diabetes and are ‘carbohydrate aware’, please ask for information regarding the carbohydrate content of your meals


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glass-of-orangeApple juice BCNGV
Orange juice BCNGV
White bread roll BCSV
Brown bread roll BCSV
Soup of the day (supper only) V

Main courses (including vegetarian options, sides, sandwiches and salads)

Choose a main meal from the main course section, either a hot meal (lunch only) or a cold option, follow with a dessert

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Vegetarian options

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Sides, Sandwiches and Salads

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background-lettuceSide garnish NGV
Soft white roll BCSV
Soft wholemeal roll BCSV


ham-salad-sandwichPink salmon & cucumber on wholemeal BC
Cheese & pickle on white EDV
Egg mayonnaise on white BCSV
Tuna mayonnaise on wholemeal BCS
Chicken stuffing with mayonnaise on white BC
Ham salad on wholemeal BC
Vegetarian sausage & pickle on whiteV
Egg salad on wholemeal BCV
Plain ham on white


tomatoesGrated mixed cheese NGV
Tuna mayonnaise NG
Plain tuna BCNG
Chicken BCNG

Desserts (hot and cold)

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Hot desserts

Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce V
White chocolate & cranberry sponge with puréed raspberries in syrup EDSV
Pineapple upside down pudding with toffee sauce BCV
Apple & blackberry crumble with custard BCV
Rice pudding SNGV
Steamed raspberry pudding SV
Triple chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce EDSV
Custard V

Cold desserts

Strawberry trifle V
Chocolate brownie dessert V
Strawberry mousse NGSV
Winterberry cheesecake EDV
Fruit in natural juice BCNG SV
Fresh fruit BC NGV
Raspberry jelly SV
Ice cream SV
Cheese & crackers EDV
Yoghurt (strawberry, peach and toffee flavours) NGSV

Breakfast (hot and cold)

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Apple juice BCNGV
Orange juice BCNGV


Served with hot or cold milk

Cornflakes BCV
Bran flakes BCV
Ready Brek BCSV
Rice Krispies BCV
Alpen V
Weetabix BCV

Toast and breads

Served with butter or unsaturated spread

Wholemeal bread BCV
White bread BCV

Gluten free bread is also available on request