Skincare after bedrest

Looking after yourself

Skincare after bedrest

When skin has healed after a pressure ulcer and is now ready to be sat up on, it requires time to build up its strength.

To prevent further skin breakdown, it is recommended that you limit the time spent up in your wheelchair initially.

We recommend that there is no skin breakage before you start getting back up in your chair.

The table shown in the Guidelines is meant as a guide to start getting up. It is recommended that these stages are followed in order. Do not skip a stage to try to get up quicker – you are at risk of repeated skin damage if you do not stick to the mobilising regime.

Note: In some instances individual regimes may be required for mobilising. This is especially true if you have had several surgical procedures.

It is important that the initial cause of any skin damage is found and dealt with, to prevent further skin breakdown. This might involve review of your mattress, cushion, clothing and wheelchair.

For further advice:

  • Inpatients - Talk to your named nurse, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist
  • Outpatients - Contact the spinal outpatient team 01296 3158