Wheelchair skills

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Wheelchair skills

Enabling you to lead a more independent life

alan-cook-wheelchair_skillsA typical session at a hospital will cover pushing technique, getting over obstacles, tackling kerbs and thresholds, back-wheel balancing and may also cover steps and transfers if time and equipment allows.

The sessions are always tailored to the group and we run both manual and power chair training sessions. All our wheelchair skills trainers have a spinal cord injury and can draw from their own experiences to find the best way to teach you.

Getting on the bus, going to the local shops or the pub, playing with your children or grandchildren in the park, or just safely carrying a cup of tea from the kitchen to your living room – that’s what wheelchair skills training is all about.

“The best thing was the support from the trainer – I didn’t think I could do it, but I have done it!”
Ann (C4 injury)

If you are interested in more intensive wheelchair skills training to further develop skills and confidence, or for more information about wheelchair skills email the team or call on 0208 875 1805.