Housing (1 Day)

The Housing Training Course was developed in partnership with Aspire, and aims to explain the processes by which social housing is allocated and how Disabled Facilities Grants are awarded. The course helps participants understand their own access needs and covers topics such as:

  • What access do I need?
  • What can I expect community professionals to know?
  • Social housing- statutory obligations, maximising ‘points’ and how ‘banding’ works
  • Interim options- care homes, interim accommodation, moving home to an ‘inaccessible’ property
  • Disabled Facilities Grants- who can apply? Who can help?
  • VAT exemptions

By thinking about their specific needs, and understanding the processes involved in accessing housing and funding adaptations, participants will be empowered with knowledge that will hopefully lead to them going home sooner and minimise the amount of time spent in interim accommodation, or will help them improve their current housing situation if they have already been discharged.