Becoming a parent after SCI


Becoming a Parent After Spinal Cord Injury (1 Day)

The subject of becoming a parent after spinal cord injury can be a daunting and bewildering one, so this training course has been developed to provide information and insight to anyone contemplating this journey - dispelling some myths along the way!

Topics covered include:

  • The facts about fertility & conception issues and options available
  • Pre-pregnancy planning and where to go to get support and further information
  • Exploring how pregnancy might impact on physical abilities and management of personal care (including bladder, bowel and blood pressure)
  • Looking at possible aids available and discussing what needs to be planned or considered before delivery
  • Childbirth options and how to work with the delivery team
  • Aids and equipment that may help in coping with a new baby
  • The emotional and physical impact of having a baby, and how to share responsibilities and ask for or accept help
  • Adoption & Fostering
  • Support systems- support available through individuals and organisations, possible funding or benefit streams and rights and legislation