Choosing Your Wheelchair


Choosing Your Wheelchair (1 day)

At SIA we understand how important it is to have the right manual wheelchair, but how do you go about finding out what’s available and what’s best for you?

And, when you’ve found the perfect model, how do you fund it if it is not available through the wheelchair services?

This course is primarily aimed at individuals currently undergoing first-time rehabilitation in a spinal cord injury centre but is also of interest to more experienced users who are considering changing their manual wheelchair and would like to have a refresher on what to think about and be aware of.

You may find yourself surprised at what you learn and how the right wheelchair can significantly increase your independence.

This training course is designed to support the education and training undertaken by the therapists in the SCICs and consists of presentations covering:

  • The ergonomic features of a lightweight manual wheelchair; relating each to impact on function
  • Funding options
  • Manual wheelchair set-up according to current evidence for configuration
  • Preserving upper limb function as a manual wheelchair user, again highlighting current evidence and thinking.

It is recognised within the format that the protocols for assessment and provision may vary from centre to centre, and although a range of wheelchairs will be used to illustrate various features, no specific range of wheelchairs will be promoted.