Making a Claim Under the Equality Act 2010


Making a Claim Under the Equality Act 2010 (1 Day)

This training course explains the concept of the social and medical models of disability and how the development of these has influenced the Equality Act legislation. It also looks at why the Act was introduced, how it differs from the Disability Discrimination Act, what’s new and what has changed and the impact the Act has on the day to day lives of people living with a disability.

The Act gives disabled people rights in areas such as employment, access to goods, facilities and services, education, transport, health and social care entitlement and the buying or renting of land or property- all of which are looked at on the day. The course then concentrates on the practical process of making a complaint about access to goods, facilities and services using the provisions of the Act, and also at the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and how it can assists if you are taking a complaint to mediation and ultimately to the County Court.