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Mosaic Workshops

eddie-mosaic-resizeNSIC patients were introduced to the techniques of making mosaic art by professional mosaic artist, Deborah Brett. A workshop was organised as part of the Arts Rehabilitation Programme which runs a diverse range of creative activities to suit all patients.

As mosaics were new to almost everyone, patients started off getting a feel for the mosaic tiles and looking at how colours worked well together. They then produced a small mosaic coaster from their own design. Having gained confidence in using this technique, and under Deborah’s guidance, the group progressed to working on much more ambitious projects. Some patients paired up to produce a stunning, large scale ‘phoenix rising’ and a complex underwater scene, both using glass ‘jewels’ and beads to offset the mosaic tiles. Eddie  Coombes can be seen here with the phoenix in progress.

Patient feedback at the end of the project was very positive and included the following comments:

“have learned you can do different things you’ve never done before”

“These are most worthwhile undertakings which stimulate and provide pleasure”

“enjoyed the camaraderie, the team  work and joining in”

“I’ve learned how to space out the mosaics and how to use my fingers a bit more – very good”