Needs and aims

Bowel Management

Needs and aims

Bowel_management5The need for bowel management: 

  • Loss of sensation of need for defecation (Amir et al 1997)
  • Loss of control of defecation
  • Massive slowing of stool passage through the bowel (Leduc et al 1997)

Bowel_management6AThe aims of bowel management: 

  • Regular and predictable emptying of the bowel at a socially acceptable time and place
  • Avoiding constipation, unplanned evacuations and autonomic dysreflexia
    (De Looze et al 1998)
  • Managing bowels wiithin a ‘reasonable time’ (Harari et al 1997)
  • Using minimum necessary physical or chemical interventions
  • Maintaining short and long-term gastrointestinal health.

Bowel_management12Longer term targets for successful bowel management:

  • Physical or verbal independence
  • Establishing a reliable routine
  • Being able to adapt routine back in the community
  • Carers educated where appropriate
  • Appropriate equipment and/or adaptations in place.