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Carers UK

Carers UK is a charity set up to help the millions of people who care for family or friends.


Without unpaid carers, our NHS would collapse and the country would face an £119 billion care bill it cannot afford.

Carers are contributing so much to their communities by looking after the people they love, yet in return they face ignorance, isolation and little or no support. This has to stop. It cannot be fair that those who contribute so much are valued so little. Carers UK wants society to respect, value and support carers.

At some point in our lives every one of us will be involved in looking after an older relative, a sick friend or a disabled family member. Six million people in the UK are caring right now, but whilst caring is part and parcel of life, without the right support the personal costs of caring can be high. Caring can take its toll on your finances, your health, your career and your family and your social life. Carers can fall out of paid work and many rely on low-level benefits, forcing them into poverty.

We help carers get the best for the person they care for by:

  • Making the most of their income 
  • Staying in paid work 
  • Keeping healthy 
  • Getting in touch with other carers for support 
  • Finding a listening ear 
  • Campaigning for change

Carers UK is the voice of carers who provide unpaid care by looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member, friend or partner. Carers UK is an organisation of carers fighting to get recognition of the true value of carers’ contribution to society and for carers get the practical, financial and emotional support they need. They produce a monthly magazine for members and operate a CarersLine.

Telephone: 0808 808 7777
(with links to groups in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).