Family Counselling Services

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Family Counselling Services

Receiving news that a member of your family has had a spinal cord injury can be extremely upsetting and shocking, and may leave you wondering how you will manage in the future or how you will readjust to the change in your family life.

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There are certain stages in our life where previous ways of coping seem to fail us. You may think that you have to be the strong one, you shouldn’t let your loved one know how you are feeling, you don’t want to trouble the medical staff, your friends and immediate family, or simply you may sense that people are too busy to listen to you.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk through your concerns and difficulties in a confidential setting with an experienced and trained counsellor, whilst being heard in a non-judgemental way.

If there isn’t a counsellor within the hospital that you are visiting, you may like to talk to a professional counsellor elsewhere. The other organisations listed in this section will enable you to find a qualified counsellor in your area.

Family counselling services at the NSIC

You may want to talk to a counsellor on your own or come with others. Whether the individual is a new admission or has been readmitted to the National Spinal Injuries Centre, any family member may have access to the family counsellor. This includes young people, close friends and relatives. (Available to family members who have a relative within the NSIC, Stoke Mandeville)

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