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National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

d_national_council_of_psychotherapistsThe NCP is a national association of therapists, many in private practice, to whom the public may confidently refer. Many schools of psychological thought are represented and a wide variety of therapeutic approaches are offered. Many members have multiple qualifications in such modalities as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching and counselling. As an organisation our first priority is the protection of the public and we have a Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct that every member adheres to in their practice.

The NCP is one of the longest established societies of its type in the United Kingdom, being formed in 1971 following the “Foster Report” on the statutory registration of psychotherapists.

This site provides a large volume of data, including contact details for the majority of our membership. This also now includes International Members and Members of the National Council of Professional Therapists.

All Members are treated equally, regardless of which division of the NCP they are registered with. Therapists in your area can be viewed online at

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