Recommended reading


This section describes a range of books that you may find interesting or helpful.

Many of the books can be obtained through Amazon Books

Relate: Stop Arguing, Start Talking
by Susan Quilliam ISBN 9780091856694.

“The book includes useful advice not just for the couples directly involved but for those which it (insightfully) recognises are likely to be closely affected by a couple in conflict – most notably any children in the relationship”.

“This provides a really helpful insight, as it encourages you to understand why your partner is reacting in a certain way rather than just taking his or her anger or aggression at face value and reacting to it in kind”

Loving Yourself, Loving Another: The importance of Self-Esteem for Successful Relationships
by Julia Cole
Published by Vermillion ISBN 9780091856762

“A great book if you feel unloved or not listened to, if you have low self esteem and blame yourself for all the problems or feel you are taking all the blame”