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facingdisability.com-logoFacingDisability (a U.S based project) was specifically created to connect families who suddenly have to deal with a spinal cord injury with other people like them. Their website has more than 1,000 videos of family members answering real-life questions about how they cope with a spinal cord injury.

History of FacingDisability.com

img-vickiLike many projects of this nature, FacingDisability.com was born out of personal experience. In the summer of 1986, after diving into a swimming pool, Vicki Hill sustained a neck injury resulting in quadriplegia.

During her rehabilitation, Vicki was fortunate to be able to participate in a peer- mentoring program. The program introduced her to other people who had sustained injuries like hers a few years before. They helped her learn how to think about her disability and live with her new body.

They offered a lot more than well-meaning help and advice.  They were the undeniably believable and unquestionably honest voices of experience. 

But there was no peer-mentoring program to help her parents, family and friends to deal with the new life situations that they themselves were experiencing as a result of Vicki’s sudden disability.

The lack of such programs is the reason behind FacingDisability.com.

There is a lot of worthwhile information on this site including forums, blogs, resources and such like. By clicking here you can be linked to their site (PC view only) to take advantage of all the videos and help FacingDisability.com has to offer.