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Inclusive Fitness Initiative

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) is a programme supporting the fitness industry to become more inclusive.

copyright: Michaela Greene Please call for permission to reproduce: 07711 338535It caters for the needs of disabled and non-disabled people, as well as raising physical activity participation levels.

It has been established for over 10 years, with a national coverage of 400 IFI Mark accredited gym facilities, and is now managed within the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS).

  • If you are a disabled person looking for an inclusive gym near you, visit our facility search.
  • If you are a facility or equipment supplier looking to find out more about the IFI Mark, visit the IFI Mark accreditation section of the website.

The model is built around developments in four key areas:

  • Accessible facilities
  • Inclusive fitness equipment
  • Staff training
  • Inclusive marketing and engagement strategies.

You can also contact a member of the IFI team on 

English Federation Of Disability Sport

SportPark – Loughborough University,
3 Oakwood Drive,
LE11 3QF

Tel: 01509 227750
Fax: 01509 227777