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Choosing a Wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair

This a film about choosing the right wheelchair which is crucial.

For many disabled people the right chair set-up can greatly improve their function, quality of life, and long-term outcome. This not-for-profit film has been made to help. The film features leading experts in the field, plus experienced chair users.

The Spinal Injury Patient Film

The spinal injury patient

This film is an award-winning film for people who are newly injured, or who are new to spinal cord injury.

It was viewed over 22,000 times on a previous YouTube channel where YouTube’s limitations meant it was in two parts, here and now it is presented as one film.

The film is now used by centres of excellence such as the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville, and at The Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre (Salisbury), plus by major NGOs such as the SIA and Back Up Trust. The film features experts and long-term SCI patients who share their stories.

The Spinal Injury Unit Film – Outreach

The Spinal Injury Unit Film – Outreach

This film explains the function of a specialist spinal injury unit (The Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust).